DIY Ideas

Swarovski™ Embellished Shoes


•Swarovski™ Square Jewels
•Swarovski™ Oval Jewels
•Swarovski™ SS7 Flatback Rhinestones
•Swarovski™ SS20 Flatback Rhinestones
•Swarovski™ SS40 Flatback Rhinestones
•Swarovski™ Round Jewels
•Swarovski™ Navettes Jewels
•1 GemTac or E6000 glue
•1 Pair of plain boring shoes


1.Select an arrangement of various rhinestones is different sizes, shapes, and colors.
2.Wipe down pair of shoes with moist towel and let dry.
3.Create a design by drawing it out on paper first to perfect what you want. Once you have decided on a design, draw the design on to the shoes with a pencil.
4.Dab a small amount of glue onto shoe. Using tweezers, set stones in place on the glue and gently press to secure its position. (It is best to start with the larger stones first and work downward in size)
5.In order to keep the design consistent on both shoes, do a little bit at a time. (Place 3-5 crystals on the right shoes, then match them on the left shoe)
6.Allow 1-2 hours to dry before wearing.

Be prepared, these shoes will turn heads!