Spring Pattern Play

April in Chicago has all of us on our toes, from getting tornado warnings (yikes!) to thunderstorms, we've had enough of the wet and rainy days. Blooming thoughts and ideas are circling our little heads and we're playing around with a mix of geometric lines and intricate laced-up textures.
Absolutely Audrey Shoe Clips featured here: Ilyana

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Your Booties need some love too

What's a new year without showing some love to your booties? Especially since most of us (caugh caugh... live in freeeezing Chicago) our boots and booties are essential for months to come. A smart way to instantly give your boots a style update is to add Absolutely Audrey shoe clips on the front or side. We picked the style Giselle bows for a nice contrast of the suede booties. Oh what the heck, we also pinned them on our flats afterwards.

Style name: Giselle shoe clips



Get More Mileage out of your Shoes this Season!

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Now this is a way to instantly give your wardrobe a new look: SHOE CLIPS
I have to admit, I am biased since I have hundreds of shoe clips to choose from... Lately I have been re-clipping these beauties on various shoes. I love them on my black pumps and my flats as well.
Only $18.95 for a pair of Michelle shoe clip bows.
They can be clipped on the front or side of shoes. If you want to add more mileage to your shoes this season, this is the accessory to discover!

Purple Hues for the Holidays!

Purple Hues for the Season!  Get your Shoe Bling On!

Purple hues are super trendy this winter. Keep your style #onpoint with a pair (or two) of our shoe clips! We played with our Amanda purple (Acrylic stone flowers) and Zinnia purple flowers (tulle & satin fabric flowers).
They make a great gift for your BFFS!
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Psst! Fall 2014 Shoe Treats are almost here

When we saw Lupita Nyong'o's breathtaking Prada look at the May 2014 Met Gala, we thought "wow, she looks so delish!" But what shoe clips can we marry with her look?

Having fun with our signature Paris shoe clips, we decided to add a new color for this fall: Emerald Green. Shoe clips are set to arrive at our warehouse by 8/20 and we have a growing list of fancy feet who are waiting to be adorned!


New Website Relaunch!

We are celebrating 9 years in accessorizing shoes with a new website redesign! It's been a long road. From forming Absolutely Audrey in 2004 while working in the advertising industry, to proudly owning a full-on shoe accessories company in 2013! 

I started Absolutely Audrey in beautiful San Francisco while I was working in an advertising agency in SF. It was never meant to be a full time gig, just a fun way to explore creativity on my own after my crazy work hours in the corporate world. My budget was too small to support my shoe collection/obsession and I found myself wearing my own handmade shoe clips for girls nights out and work events. Within 2 months after I launched Absolutely Audrey, I got a surprise call from the fabulous editors at Daily Candy, letting me know that they are featuring my tiny shoe clip concept online! After Daily Candy's article was published, I got bombarded by emails from customers interested in buying shoe clips and stores interested in stocking my designs. The website crashed while trying to process orders and my head was turning. That is when I had my breakthrough moment. That is when I realized that I am not the only one who loves the idea of transforming shoes in an instant.
Today we are entering a new amazing chapter of our Absolutely Fabulous Shoe Accessory life, and we are excited to continue accessorizing shoes with shoe clips, heel jewelry and boot/shoe chains. Our new logo and website represents our vision of providing women a creative and stylish way to update their wardrobe. So go on, visit our new website and let us know what you think!


Crisa B.